Service Provided by Us

Supply to More Than 1000 Outlets Around Malaysia


We distribute our products to ensure we are able to reach everyone in the country through various platforms and methods.

Raw Ingredients Supply

Trusted vendor of top-quality raw ingredients, regardless customer need in pallets, or couple of kilos.

OEM / ODM / Private Labelling

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we also provide OEM / ODM / Private Labelling service from products formulation to packaging, according to customers’ requirement.

Import / Export

Doing business over countries has always be one of our best services with only finest quality of ingredients to be involved.

What do we sell & distribute?
Wide range of raw ingredients with the finest quality you ever found such as beans, rice, nuts, grain, dried fruits and others. Be it in bulk, or a couple kilos, lets talk and we sort your order now!
Discover more about your food
Prefer to have ready-to-eat products instead of raw ingredients? No worries, we do have our own retail brand, Love Earth Organic. With our purpose to ensure everyone have access to organic products easily, lets check out our website and place your order now!
what make us unique
nasaa organic certified
halal certified
mesti certified
organic & natural
supply more than 1000 outlets