Retail Brand

Love Earth is an organic brand established by Wide Tropism Trading Sdn Bhd (935091-U). Providing everyone hygiene, with quality and affordable ORGANIC & NATURAL products. We are here to help in maintaining one’s health and also protect our one and only mother earth.

Organic is commonly perceived as “Expensive” products and is categorized as “High-end” products. BUT!!! In Love Earth, we provide everyone with the lowest cost we could give and promise to give the best quality we could.
Giving health to people is truly the best gift, as you will only do that to the people you really love. That is our starting point and also the end result that we hope to achieve. We are set on producing healthy products to improve the overall health, as a true gift to everyone.
Health has never been more important and we are encouraging you to support your immune system and ‘Take Extra Special Care’ this winter.