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Organic Oat Bran 400g

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Organic Oat Bran 400g Grains

Certifications: Quality Assurance International
Country of Origin: Finland

Oat Bran

Rich in soluble fiber (beta-glucan),

essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidant.

Enhance the nutritional values of the diets,
particularly for vitamins and minerals,
as well as increasing antioxidant levels.


100% Organic Oat Bran


Provide energy

Lowers Cholesterol

Helps Keep You Full

Aids Digestion

Helps with Weight Loss

Lower in Calories Than Oatmeal

Blocks Calorie Absorption in the intestines


Regulates Blood Sugar Levels


Tips / Usage
Store in a dry, cool sealed container and place


Suggestion Recipe
Add in hot water or hot milk and stir.

Add in brown sugar/cinnamon powder/maple syrup.

Add in dried fruits/nuts to make it more nutritious.

Make it your way!

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